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From low APRs and no fees to bonus rewards and travel points, there’s more to our credit cards than just convenience.

Key Features

  • Competitive Rates
  • Rewards Program
  • Anytime Access

All Alabama Teachers Credit Union Visa® Credit Cards include:

  • Exclusive ScoreCard® Bonus Rewards Program
  • Cruise and vacation packages
  • Special deals and promotions
  • No annual fees
  • 25-day interest-free grace period
  • Balance transfer option
  • No minimum finance charge
  • No transaction fee for purchases
  • Manage your card through
  • Card transactions can also be accessed through Online and Mobile Banking

eZCard Login

We offer a variety of different cards, so you can find one that meets your specific needs!

Visa® Platinum Premier

  • Low 9.90% APR
  • Credit Score: 660 and Up
  • Up to $1,000,000.00 in travel accident insurance

Visa® Platinum Plus

  • Low 10.90% APR
  • Credit Score: 620 - 659
  • Up to $500,000 in travel accident insurance

Visa® Platinum

  • Low 11.90% APR
  • Credit Score: 619 or Less
  • Up to $250,000 in travel accident insurance

Programs, rates, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice.

Through Visa® Purchase Alerts, ATCU Debit and Credit Cardholders can create an account and receive purchase alerts via text or email for eligible Visa® Cards. 


  • Security: Get alerts for transactions in real-time and immediately identify potentially fraudulent activity.
  • Control: Track spending and stay on top of account balances.
  • Convenience: Adjust your alerts to what makes sense for you and receive them via SMS text or email.

Follow the steps below to enroll

  1. Visit
  2. Check to see if your card is eligible1
  3. Register your mobile device and email to receive Visa® Purchase Alerts
  4. Choose the notification triggers that match your needs, such as transactions exceeding a set amount

1Not all card issuers will allow cards for SMS message alerts. Message and data rates may apply.

An improved, more secure Alabama Teachers Credit Union Visa® CREDIT CARD IS COMING IN JULY

As an Alabama Teachers Credit Union (ATCU) member, ensuring your security is one of our highest goals. That's why we'll soon be sending you our new EMV, contactless, Visa® Credit Card for improved security. This new Visa® Credit Card will replace your current Platinum, Platinum Plus, Platinum Premier or Platinum Business Credit Card. As a result, your credit card will have a new account number.

In addition to the enhanced Visa® features, we're upgrading our rewards structure. Let's take a look at the modifications:

CURewards Program

Introducing our new CURewards Program! With CURewards you'll earn at least one point for every net dollar in qualifying purchases. Points are redeemable for merchandise, gift cards, travel and much more. Stay tuned for more details.

Redeem Points for Cash Back*

If you are a Signature or Business Visa® Credit Card holder, you will have the option to redeem points for cash back.

Low Rate

Like your current low rate? So do we, that's why all current Credit Card rates will remain the same. See list below for details.

Features & Benefits

Platinum: Reward Option = CURewards   Rate = 9.90% APR**

Signature: Reward Option = CURewards   Rate = 9.90% APR**

Business: Reward Option = CURewards   Rate = 9.90% APR**

Reward Details: Earn one point for every net dollar*** spent. 

Security: Enhanced Chip Technology

Access: Contactless

We're excited to bring you the latest in security and flexibility with our new ATCU Visa®!

This card upgrade was scheduled prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time.

Look for more information coming soon.


*Terms and conditions may apply.

**APR equals annual percentage rate. Stated APR is as low as 9.90%.

***A net dollar is defined as purchases minus returns.

Rate may vary based on each individual borrower's credit history and other underwriting factors.

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