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We Are All Teachers

Who is Alabama Teachers Credit Union? We are your neighbors, your friends, and your family. We are T-ball coaches, shoelace tie-ers, carpool drivers … and your financial partner. We are also teachers. In fact, each one of us is a teacher in his or her own way. And while we may not be in a conventional classroom setting, we all teach, learn, and share everyday life moments — whether it is with family, friends or co-workers. We are all teachers, with life lessons to share, and opportunities to learn.

Our History

Alabama Teachers Credit Union was organized in March 1959 with just two employees, and was located on the second floor of the Gadsden City Board of Education Building. Previously known as Etowah Teachers Credit Union, our original Select Employee Group (SEG) was only open to employees and family members of the Gadsden City and Etowah County School Systems.

In 1982, the credit union moved to a new location on 6th Street in downtown Gadsden. Six years later, in August 1989, the credit union received approval from the Alabama Credit Union Administration (ACUA) and the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) to convert from a federal charter to a state charter, which allowed the credit union to change its name from Etowah Teachers to Alabama Teachers Credit Union. In July 2001, Alabama Teachers received further permission from the ACUA to expand its membership to include anyone residing, working, or attending school in the five counties we serve: Calhoun, Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah, and Marshall.


To embrace our field of membership and our strong name simultaneously, we recognized that teachers weren't just limited to educating in the traditional classroom setting, but that the act itself applied to each one of us. Therefore, in July of 2012, Alabama Teachers Credit Union introduced a new brand and image — we are all teachers — because we believe in being a student of life.

It is by our brand that we celebrate every teaching moment in life and we understand that by learning together, we enhance not only ourselves, but also each other. The enthusiasm of our credit union, members, and community has led to a continued strengthening of our membership numbers, assets, and overall financial stability.

Our Values

Alabama Teachers is a not-for-profit financial institution that provides safe, affordable, and convenient financial services to its members. Because we are a cooperative, all our members are part owners of the credit union and have the right to democratically elect the Board of Directors, a group of volunteers who helps guide the credit union's progress. The Board of Directors sets policy and ensures the highest standard of financial services to our members.

Alabama Teachers highly values its members and is committed to providing them with competitive rates and terms, excellent member service, resourceful financial tools, and the opportunity to learn from one another. These principles play an integral part in the mission statement of Alabama Teachers.

Our Mission Statement

Alabama Teachers is a family of caring individuals dedicated to strengthening lives through financial partnerships. It is this firm commitment that allows us to embrace the teaching moments of life, because through them we can all learn together.

The Credit Union Difference

While services from a credit union such as Alabama Teachers may appear nearly the same as a bank, the structure and philosophy are very different.

  • Not-for-profit — Like all credit unions, Alabama Teachers is a not-for-profit financial cooperative. Unlike most other financial institutions, credit unions do not issue stock or pay dividends to outside stockholders. Instead, earnings are returned to our members in the form of lower loan rates, higher interest on deposits, and lower fees.
  • Taxation — Credit unions pay taxes: payroll taxes, and property taxes. But Congress exempts credit unions from federal income taxes. According to the Credit Union Membership Access Act, " … credit unions are member-owned, democratically operated, not-for-profit organizations generally managed by volunteer boards of directors and they have the specified mission of meeting the credit and savings needs of consumers, especially persons of modest means."
  • Ownership — Each member has equal ownership and one vote — regardless of how much money a member has on deposit.
  • Volunteer Boards — Alabama Teachers is governed by a board of directors, elected by and from the credit union's membership and serve voluntarily.
  • Membership Eligibility — By current federal statute, credit unions such as Alabama Teachers cannot serve the general public. People qualify for a credit union membership through their employer, organizational affiliations like churches or social groups, or a community-chartered credit union.
  • Financial Education for Members — Alabama Teachers is dedicated to helping members become better-educated consumers of financial services.
  • Social Purpose: People Helping People — Credit unions exist to help people, not make a profit. Alabama Teachers' goal is to serve its members, neighbors, and communities to further enrich their financial health and overall well-being. As a member, we welcome the opportunity to help you with your everyday life goals as we all learn together.

Board of Directors

Dr. Martha Lavender – Chair
Sonny Kirby – Vice Chairman
Mac Sawyer – Secretary/Treasurer
Emily Mills – Member
Dr. Tony Catanzaro – Member
Tony Reddick – Member
Bill Lowman – Member

Supervisory Committee

Dr. Tommy Mosley – Chairman
Sabrina Bevis – Member
Danny Golden – Member

Making an impact in our community.

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