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The easiest and fastest way to apply!

When you click on a link below, you'll first be asked if you are an Alabama Teachers member. If you aren't already a member, you'll be invited to apply for membership and open a savings account, which is the foundation of membership. If you are already a member, simply click "yes," and you'll proceed to the application for the loan or account.

Loan Applications

Vehicle Loans

Apply for an automobile, boat, or recreational vehicle loan

Personal Loans and Lines of Credit

Apply to finance a big purchase or to have credit available in case you need it.

Credit Cards

Apply to earn rewards when you use your credit card to pay for your purchases.

Home Equity Line of Credit

Apply to access the equity in your home to pay for home renovations or any major expense.

Deposit Applications

Checking Account

Apply for easy access to your money with either our nHanced Checking, Preferred Checking, Classic Checking, or Essential Checking.

Savings Account

Apply to make sure you have the account to save for a rainy day or a special life event.

Share Certificate

Apply to earn a higher rate over a specific period of time.

Money Market Account

Apply for an account that works like a checking account with a higher rate of return.

Making an impact in our community.

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