We have been made aware of a scam that is affecting members/clients of local financial institutions.

In this scam, criminals are sending mass text messages to random numbers stating that there are fraudulent charges on a debit or credit card. The text then instructs the recipient to call a specific number to input the number of their card. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS SCAM!

Alabama Teachers Credit Union will never contact you to ask you to verify online passwords, ATM/DEBIT/CREDIT card numbers or PIN numbers over the phone or through text or e-mail. If you believe you have been a victim of this scam and have provided confidential information to the scammers, please contact us immediately at 1.800.470.0704.

For more information on Identity Theft, Phishing, Pharming, Email Scams — and how to protect yourself against them please visit our:

Online Security Center:…/financial-educa…/online-security.html.

Please do not use email to send Alabama Teachers Credit Union communications which contain confidential information, such as Social Security or Account Numbers. You may either call us or send confidential information through the U.S. Postal Service.