Current Rates

Rates effective as of June 29th, 2016.

APY = Annual Percentage Yield

Fees may reduce earnings.

Share Draft Accounts

AccountBalanceDividend RateAPY
nHanced Checking*$0.01 to $15,000.002.47%2.50%
$15,000.01 or more0.25%2.50% to 0.54%
When qualifications are not met0.10%0.10%


nHanced Checking is free checking that earns rewards — and there's never a penalty if you don't meet the monthly qualifications. To earn your rewards, simply do the following transactions and activities in your checking account each Monthly Qualification Cycle:

  • Have at least twelve (12) debit card purchases post and settle.
  • Have at least one (1) direct deposit, automatic payment (ACH), or Bill Pay transaction post and settle.
  • Be enrolled and receive e-Statement notice.
  • Be enrolled and login to Online Banking.

Share Accounts

AccountMinimum Opening AmountMinimum Balance to EarnDividend RateAPY
Regular Share Savings$25.00$5,000.01 or more0.25%0.25%

Term Share Certificate Accounts***

Reduced $300 minimum deposit to open a share certificate for youth accounts (Savasaurus, Generation Next & Synced only).

TermMinimum Opening AmountDividend RateAPY
6 Month$1,000.000.35%0.35%
12 Month$1,000.000.55%0.55%
24 Month$1,000.000.85%0.85%
36 Month$1,000.001.15%1.16%
48 Month$1,000.001.30%1.31%
60 Month$1,000.001.70%1.71%

***Penalties may apply for early withdrawal.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs)

TypeMinimum Amount to OpenMinimum Amount to EarnDividend RateAPY
Variable Rate IRA$5.00$5.000.15%0.15%
12 Month IRA Share Certificate$1000.00$1000.000.55%0.55%
36 Month IRA Share Certificate$1000.00$1000.001.15%1.16%
60 Month IRA Share Certificate$1000.00$1000.001.70%1.71%
AccountMinimum Opening AmountMinimum Amount to EarnDividend RateAPY
Money Market Account$1000.00$1,000 - $9,9990.10%0.10%
$9,999.01 - $19,9990.25%0.25%
$19,999.01 or more0.35%0.35%
Club AccountsMinimum Opening AmountMinimum Amount to EarnDividend RateAPY
Christmas Club$5.00$5.000.10%0.10%
Vacation Club$5.00$5.000.10%0.10%
Special Club$5.00$5.000.10%0.10%

These rates may change without notice. Fees could reduce the earnings on the account (applies if fees are associated with the account). A penalty will or may be imposed for early withdrawal on Share Certificates and IRAs.

To obtain current rates, contact Alabama Teachers Credit Union.

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† The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) you receive will be based on your credit worthiness. Please ask us about your qualifying rate. The rate may vary depending on each individual's credit history and underwriting factors. For more information, please contact Alabama Teachers Credit Union at 1.800.470.0704. All rates, programs, terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.

^ Conditions apply, and terms may be limited by loan amount, credit history and other factors. Not all collateral items qualify for terms shown.

** Repayment amount based upon 60 month share certificate rate with 60 month repayment period.

Loan TypeAnnual Percentage Rate†

As Low As

Terms^Repayment Amounts

Per Month Based on $1000 Borrowed

Autos 2012 - 20161.74%Up to 36 Months$28.53
1.74%Up to 48 Months$21.59
2.25%Up to 60 Months$17.64
2.75%Up to 72 Months$15.09
4.00%Up to 84 Months$13.67
Autos 2008 - 20112.75%Up to 48 Months$22.03
3.00%Up to 60 Months$17.97
Autos 2006 - 20074.00%Up to 24 Months$43.43
4.50%Up to 36 Months$29.75
5.00%Up to 48 Months$23.03
Autos 2001 - 20055.50%up to 24 months$44.10
6.00%Up to 36 Months$30.42
6.50%Up to 48 Months$23.71
New and Used Motor Homes8.50%Up to 84 Months - New$15.84
7.50%Up to 72 Months - New$17.30
8.50%Up to 60 Months - Used$20.52
7.50%Up to 48 Months - Used$24.18
Mobile Homes13.50%Up to 84 Months$18.46
13.00%Up to 72 Months$20.07
12.25%Up to 60 Months$22.37
12.00%Up to 48 Months$26.33
Boats/ Campers over $25,000
6.00%144 months$9.76
Boats/ Campers/ Tractors/ Motorcycles
5.25%84 months$14.25
Boats, Campers, Tractors, ATVs, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Mowers, Golf Carts
4.75%Up to 60 Months$18.76
Boats, Campers, Tractors, ATVs, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Mowers, Golf Carts
4.50%Up to 48 Months$22.80
Boats, Campers, Tractors, ATVs, Motorcycles, Jet Skis, Mowers, Golf Carts
4.25%Up to 36 Months$29.64
Personal7.75%Up to 12 Months$86.86
8.75%Up to 24 Months$45.57
9.75%Up to 36 Months$32.15
10.75%Up to 48 Months$25.73
11.75%Up to 60 Months$22.12
Share Secured4.00% Over Share RateUp to 36 Months

36 month loan may be refinanced at end of term. Payments must cover interest.

Share Certificate Secured2.00% Over Share Certificate RateUp to 60 Months

Loan must mature when share certificate matures. Monthly payments must cover the interest period.

$18.37 **
Single PayContact Credit Union
OverdraftContact Credit UnionUp to 48 Months
Visa® Share Secured10.00%Must Sign Special Agreement
Visa® Platinum11.90%Credit Amounts Ranging from $100 - $2,999
Visa® Platinum Plus10.90%Minimum Credit Limit of $3000
Visa® Platinum Premier9.90%Minimum Credit Limit of $7500
Visa® Synced

Only for Synced members ages 16-18 with qualified guarantor.

1.00%Up to $200. Introductory APR for at least six (6) months or until the member turns 19, whichever is later. After that, the APR will convert to Standard Rate of between 9.90% - 11.90%.


ATCU offers a wide variety of fixed and variable interest rate mortgage loan options with repayment terms suited to meet your needs. Contact us for more information.