Attention ATCU Members

Per Regulation D requirements, federal guidelines limit the number of transactions you can make from your Savings, Money Market, IRA, Christmas, Vacation & Special Club accounts. These accounts are limited to no more than 6 preauthorized or automatic withdrawals or transfers during any calendar month or statement cycle.

Included in these limitations are automatic overdraft transfers from any of these accounts to your checking account and telephone or home banking transfers from any of these accounts to any other account you have at ATCU or to a 3rd party.

If you exceed these transfer limitations during any calendar month or statement period, checks and automatic withdrawals will be returned. Please contact an ATCU employee for further information.

Additional Security Measures

As an additional level of protection against Identity Theft, ATCU will require that members answer a security question each time they call our Voice Response (1-800 #).

Please note that the question will pertain to the primary account holder such as the last four digits of their social security number/Tax ID # (for a Business account) or their birth date.

Thank you for your understanding. Your protection is important to us!