Loans & Credit

Make your business thrive

We believe in knowing that the global economy doesn't have to define your personal economy. Alabama Teachers recognizes that having the money you desire when you need it allows you and your business to thrive. With a wide variety of business-specific loans and a line of credit, count on Alabama Teachers to be here with the tools you need.

  • Term Business Loans

    Term Business Loans

    • Competitively low interest rates
    • Local business experience and expertise
    • Flexible terms that work for you

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  • Business Line Of Credit

    Business Line Of Credit

    • Competitively low interest rates
    • Pay interest only on what you spend
    • Great to account for fluctuations and short-term needs

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  • Business Auto Loans

    Business Auto Loans

    • Competitive rates, streamlined approval
    • Includes both new and used vehicles
    • Plus, get pre-approved for more negotiating power

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  • Equipment Loans

    Equipment Loans

    • Competitive rates, streamlined approval
    • Preserve your working capital
    • Purchase office equipment, farm equipment, and more!

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  • Commercial Real Estate Loans

    Commercial Real Estate Loans

    • Competitively low interest rates
    • Expand, renovate, or purchase new
    • Even develop property commercially

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  • Visa® Business Credit Card

    Visa® Business Credit Card

    Our Visa® ATM/Debit Card offers immediate access to the funds in your checking account. Free, safe, and convenient, your Alabama Teachers Visa® Business ATM/Debit Card is accepted at millions of merchants and connects your available funds to your wallet through this powerful piece of plastic.

    • Use at the register, online or ATM
    • Linked directly to your checking account balance
    • Funds deducted automatically
    • No annual fee, late fees or finance charges
    • Quicker than writing a check
    • Easier to carry than cash

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