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Join Alabama Teachers Credit Union!

For membership eligibility, you must either:

  • Live, work, or attend school in Calhoun, Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah, or Marshall County.
  • Or, be a family member of an existing ATCU member. A family member is defined as "related by blood or marriage."
  • Organizations with a main office, regional office, or branch office in Calhoun, Cherokee, DeKalb, Etowah, or Marshall County are also eligible to join!

Once a member, always a member

Even if you change jobs or move, you may maintain your Alabama Teachers membership and continue to enjoy the credit union's services and benefits to members.

Switch Kit Info

You can make the move to Alabama Teachers Credit Union in three easy steps.

1. Open your new account-Simply apply online by using the "Apply Now" button or visit your local branch to open your new Alabama Teachers Credit Union account(s).

2. Switch your direct deposts and automatic withdrawals- If you have any automatic transactions, use the forms provided in the switch kit link below to seamlessly switch them to Alabama Teachers Credit Union.

3. Close your old account- Now you're ready to switch. Simply use the same forms found below to close your account. Any remaining account balance will be transferred to Alabama Teachers Credit Union.

The Apply Now button found above is the first step in the process. Everything else you need will be found here in our switch kit.